Understanding What is 4K Video Camera and its Benefits

Understanding What is 4K Video Camera and its Benefits
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One of the up and coming stalwarts of media viewing technology, 4K or Ultra High Definition technology, is set to amaze the world with clean and crisp details, as well as seamless connectivity with other media devices like computers and laptops.

In order for one to fully enjoy 4K viewing, they have to have a 4K television and a program that was captured using a compatible camera. This is what is 4K video cameras are for, to give the present a glimpse of the future.

The most recent spurt of 4K video cameras come from a line of action cameras from different makers that each has its own features and perks. Some would have multiple ways to connect while others would feature better battery lives and even better sensors.

But What is 4K Video Camera?

Born in 2003, 4K technology was first used for cinematographic purposes as this technology allows the camera to capture videos at 3840 pixels × 2160 pixels resolution. This gives the film clearer and sharper imagery, which can make or break a film. This technology has since crossed over from film studios to extreme sports and now, the safety and comfort of your palm.

Ever since its inception, 4K technology has constantly evolved, going from expensive and bulky equipment to handheld devices that are lightweight albeit still expensive. Additional features have also been incorporated from the basic video mode of the years of yore to camera modes that let you take still shots and time-lapse videos at a click of a button.

Benefits of Having a 4K Video Camera

While it is true that the capability to display true 4K videos is not yet accessible to everyone, there are still some perks in knowing what is 4K video camera and shooting videos with one. Here are some of them:

  • 4K Means Larger Views – 4K video cameras capture videos and images at a higher resolution by using lenses that can be zoomed digitally without losing points on quality and sharpness. Other video cameras suffer from this and chuck out blurred images and videos at the same zoom level.
  • 4K Means Sharper Images – the whopping number of pixel that a 4K video camera has means that the pixels are more compressed than usual and any visual noise will come out as really small grains that are not noticeable.
  • 4K Means More Room For Cropping – the larger resolution of 4K video cameras gets you a larger area for you to draw your square on, giving you the best possible shot in one image without losing any detail.
  • 4K Means Better Stills From Videos – have you ever tried capturing a still from a 1080p video? It will give you a low-quality still that has blurred edges and an even spottier focus point. The larger number of pixels in a 4K video means it also good enough to be printed as a still as it does lose any of its original quality.
  • 4K Means More Stable Images – majority of 4K video cameras have built-in stabilizers that do not require you to crop the edges to compensate for an unwanted movement that often results in a lower resolution output.
  • 4K Means More Details – 4K imagery has four times more details than the usual 1080p camera, and this gives you more points to track in a video or film. This will result in more elements that you can use as anchors during editing, and they also serve as points to track for motion tracking.
  • 4K Means Easier Editing – aside from having more elements for easier motion tracking, having a 4K-sized image means other editing tasks become easier. The larger imagery allows for more precise editing which is beneficial especially if you are working with a green screen environment.

People from all walks of life have discovered the benefits and convenience of knowing what is 4K video camera all about. It is no surprise that you can see this technology behind the lens of a film director, attached to the helmet of a raging sports star and the end of your selfie stick. High-quality imagery and faster editing times are some of the things you can take advantage while using a 4K video camera.

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