Rabing Mini Foldable Remote Control Drone Review

Rabing Mini Foldable Remote Control Drone Review
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For the past few years, mini-drones have become increasingly popular among aspiring pilots of all ages. It has been used to capture possibly the most spectacular aerial photos and videos of almost anything from real estate to concerts.

Manufacturers from around the globe continue to design and develop mini-drones to achieve the most coveted title of becoming the best drone for the money. Among the market leaders when it comes to producing mini drones is Rabing.

If you are looking for a mini-drone that is affordable yet gets the job done, check out this model from Rabing. It is equipped with a variety of features that make it one of the most coveted mini-drones available on the market today.

Key Features of Rabing Mini Foldable Remote Control Drone

The Rabing Mini Foldable Remote Control Drone is a tiny drone that can be used for leisure or professionally. It offers a long list of features that make for a fun and exciting flying experience.

Reliable Stabilization Mechanism

This expertly designed mini-drone by Rabing boasts a four-axis stabilization system. This feature makes it possible to do flips and rolls with ease. It can be used inside the house or outdoors and is the perfect drone for pilots of any age and skill level.

Low Interference

The Rabing Mini Foldable Remote Control Drone operates at the 2.5GHz frequency, which means that it poses low interference from other devices. It also allows for farther distances. This drone can be controlled at a distance of up to 100 meters.

Headless Mode System

For easy maneuverability, this model is equipped with a headless mode system. This means that it can move to where the remote control is facing, unlike other models that always follow the direction of the “head.”

Night Flight Capability

This Mini Foldable Remote Control Drone from Rabing can fly during the night. With this mini-drone, you can capture and record priceless moments both during daytime and nighttime.

High-Definition Camera

This model boasts of a 720P high-definition camera that can capture pictures and record videos. It can be connected to IOS and Android devices for real-time image and video transmission.

Lightweight and Foldable

By using lightweight yet durable materials, you can be sure that this drone can handle multiple flying sessions. It weighs a total of 280 grams, making it easy to carry around wherever and whenever you need to take aerial pictures and videos.

Additionally, it also comes with collapsible fuselages. When folded, this drone transforms into a very compact and portable device that measures 5 cm by 5 cm by 2.7 cm.

One-Key Return Button

Another remarkable feature that this drone has it that it comes with a one-key return button, so the chances of losing it when you are flying outdoors are minimal. By a simple click of a button, it locates where the remote control it and automatically flies back to its location.

Longer Flying Time

With its 3.7V 220mAh battery, you can rest assured that you get to enjoy longer flying times compared to other mini-drones on the market. It can last up to seven to 10 minutes of flying and with a charging period of about 30 minutes. The transmitter runs on four AAA batteries.


  • Can be used during daytime and nighttime
  • Compatible with Apple and Android phones and tablets
  • Very easy to control
  • Portable and fits in the hand or pocket
  • Longer flying time compared to other mini-drones
  • Takes high-definition pictures and videos
  • Faster charging time than other models


  • Can be tricky to control at first
  • Too lightweight that it gets caught up when flying outdoors and there is wind
  • Cannot fly too far from the controller

Summary of the Features

The Rabing Mini Foldable Remote Control Drone has all the necessary features that one would wish to have in their choice of drone. It boasts a four-axis stabilization system that makes it possible for the drone to perform flips and rolls successfully.

Also, it has a headless mode mechanism, which permits the drone to maneuver in all directions as compared to other models which only follows where the “head” is located. It also runs at a low interference frequency at 2.5GHz. This feature lets the pilot control the drone on farther distances.

The 720P camera is capable of capturing photos and videos both during daytime and nighttime. It can also be used to record memorable events indoors and outdoors. When flying outdoors, you can rest assured that the drone would not get lost because it is equipped with a one-key return button.

This mini foldable remote control drone by Rabing is also very lightweight and conveniently foldable to a compact size that you can store in your pocket. All these features combined, you can definitely rely on this model to be your go-to mini-drone that is affordable and durable.

Rabing Mini Foldable Remote Control Drone vs. Other Models

Another remarkable drone that is quite similar in features to the Rabing Mini Foldable Remote Control Drone is the GoolRC T908W Drone. It is also equipped with a 0.3MP camera that can capture high-definition photos and videos. It comes with a remote control that can be connected to your smartphone to use as a screen.

What makes this drone stand out from other models is that it has an innovative DIY modular design, which means you can assemble or demount some parts according to your personal needs and preferences.

The GoolRC T908W Drone boasts a six-axis gyro stabilization system that makes it possible to do stunts. With a remote control distance of more than 40 meters, you can rest assured that this drone can capture the best photos and videos of anything from real estate to concerts and sporting games.

This model runs on a built-in 3.7V 750mAh battery, providing a flying time of around six to eight minutes. It takes roughly one and a half hours to charge the battery. On the other hand, the remote control runs on two AAA batteries, which you have to purchase separately.

Like the Rabing Mini Foldable Remote Control Drone, this model also features a headless mode system and a one-key return button. Overall, the device measures approximately seven by 6.77 by 1.37 inches.

The Verdict

All things considered, we have concluded that we would put our money on a Rabing Mini Foldable Remote Control Drone because of all the features that it offers. While both models are equipped with a high-definition camera, the Rabing has a more prolonged flying time at about seven to 10 minutes compared to GoolRC’s six to eight minutes.

Additionally, the Rabing has a shorter charging time of only 30 minutes compared to GoolRC’s 90 minutes. One other thing that sets the Rabing drone apart from the other model is that it can be folded and put in the pocket, which makes it very portable.

So, if you are also looking for a budget-friendly yet reliable mini-drone for you or your child, consider getting yourself the Rabing Mini Foldable Remote Control Drone today. Happy shopping!

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