How to Fly a Mini Drone

How to Fly a Mini Drone
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Drones come in many shapes and sizes, and not all of them are operated in the exact same way. In this article, we will talk about how to fly a mini drone properly. Although most mini-drones are quite easy to fly, it still helps to know what you’re doing before you take your new mini-drone out for a spin.

How to Fly a Mini Drone

First of all, knowing where to fly your drone can save you from an avoidable disaster. For example, you should avoid flying near restricted airspace such as an airport. You also want to choose an area that has few obstacles and is wide open, so your line of sight isn’t obstructed.

You also don’t want to fly your drone over private properly, and you should always keep a safe distance from people and animals to avoid any accidents. Empty spaces make for excellent drone flying spaces.


There are three components to flying a quadcopter. These are the roll, yaw, and pitch. Most controllers have two joysticks. The right joystick controls a drone’s roll and pitch. The left joystick controls the yaw. Roll represents a drone’s side-to-side movements, while the pitch is the forward and backward movements of a drone.

Yaw represents the spinning movement of a drone, meaning clockwise or counterclockwise movements. It also controls your drone’s throttle or up and down movements. Though the throttle will almost always be engaged during flight, otherwise your drone will lose altitude and start to descend.

Takeoff and Landing

Although most mini-drones come with one-key take-off, you should know how to get your drone in the air. In order to get your drone in the air, you will have to use the left joystick and push it forward. This will turn the propellers and get the drone airborne. Pulling the stick put the drone back on the ground.


The first thing you want to do as a beginner is to learn how to control the roll. Most accidents happen due to lack of control over a drone’s roll. Turning the left stick towards the left will roll the drone towards the left side. Turning it to the right will turn the drone towards the right side.


After you’ve familiarized yourself with the roll, you should start practicing your pitch technique. Pitch is what determines if your drone flies forward or backward. This is particularly important for mini-drones as most of them don’t have the point-of-view of a screen in real-time. Pressing the right stick forward will pitch the drone forward and pulling it back will pitch it back.


A drone’s yaw is usually the most confusing part of operating a drone. As mentioned earlier, yaw is simply the rotation of a drone while still in its place. Yaw allows you to control how much spin your drone has while in the air. Mastering the Yaw is vital for adjusting your drone’s position.


Again, many of mini-drones come with altitude control, but if you want to master the art of flying a drone, you obviously have to learn how to hover your craft. After you’ve got the basic controls down, you will move on to hovering. Learning how to hover your craft will give you a good sense of flight control. It will also allow you make steady videos and practice your landing.

Wind will always be your main concern when trying to hover. So it is better to start practicing at lower altitudes. We would recommend starting off with 5 feet off the ground. The closer you are to the ground the better control you need to avoid a crash. Remember to be patient because you will obviously be some crashes but as long as you’re close to the ground there shouldn’t be any real damage.

The best way to practice hovering is to try to take a steady selfie. Also, try to practice landing your craft at various different targets.

Time for Your First Unassisted Flight

This is it for our guide on how to fly a mini drone. You might not have mastered the art of piloting a UAV, but you should be ready for your first initial flights. Remember not to push too far too fast; you don’t want to end up with a crashed or lost drone. Take it slow, and you will be there with the rest of us in no time.

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