How to Fix a Mini Drone: The Quick and Easy Way  

How to Fix a Mini Drone The Quick and Easy Way
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Mini drones are an entertaining toy to play around with. These are quite affordable too, making it attainable for everybody. However, it goes without saying, like every other remote-controlled toy, the drone is also susceptible to damage. In fact, the drone has the highest chance of damage amongst all of the remote-controlled toys since it flies around. Do you have a broken drone and don’t know what to do about it? Well then, we will tell you how to fix a mini drone.

Let’s face it. Flying around a mini-drone especially if you are a first-time user and a new pilot is bound to lead to some damage. Thankfully, most of these mini-drones are quite sturdy and are capable of withstanding a crash. However, there will be that one unfortunate day where the drone is incapable of flying back up.

Repairing a mini-drone is relatively easier than repairing a high-end drone. There are fewer parts within, and in most cases, these parts are quite cheap to replace. This article particularly aims at how to fix a mini drone easily and safely. However, bear in mind that if your product has been through a lot of damages and repairs, it is time to purchase a brand new mini-drone. With that said, let us head straight into the article.

How to Fix a Mini Drone: All You Need to Know

Some of the most common reasons why the mini-drone breaks are because of a broken and malfunctioning motor. If that is the case, buy a replacement motor off from the manufacturer’s website. Other than that, some common issues that will occur with your mini-drone are a broken LED, bent or broken propellers, broken wires, the drone making weird noises, flying quite unstable or if it’s not charging and the likes.

Hence, this article will be giving you solutions to the top common issues that tend to occur with most of the mini-drones.

Before you even begin repairing your drone, there are a couple of things you will need, and those are a set of small Philip screwdrivers, a couple of spare propellers which come along with your drone, a transparent tape, a hot glue gun and a soldering iron along with a fine soldering tip.

You must also remember that most mini-drones will have about three or four screws at the bottom. The very first thing that you need to do is to unscrew them and then remove each of the clips carefully.

Replacing Bent or Broken Propellers:

Having bent or broken propellers on your mini-drone is a common problem because they are soft. They are made like this so that they don’t hurt people or cause damage to objects around.

There are two ways to fix them. One, you can place your drone on a flat surface and bend the propellers back in shape. This typically works only the first few times. Nevertheless, if you find your propellers bending often, then it is time to replace them.

To replace the propellers on your drone, all you need to do is pull the broken propeller vertically out and put in the replacement by pressing it down into the shaft of the rotor. When you are replacing the propellers, you must remember the right part as there are A and B types of propellers.

Repairing Broken Clasps:

Clasps tend to break if you crash your drone into objects often. These clasps are responsible for holding outer casing together. The most simple and cost-effective solution to this is using the hot glue gun to put it back together or using rubber bands by tightly holding the broken part together.

Replacing a Broken Motor:

A broken motor is a common occurrence over time. Once you are done opening the drone, the motor will be underneath the motherboard. Carefully slide it out after detaching the wires and replace it with the new one. Make sure to see where the existing wires were placed on the old motor so that you can replicate the same on the new motor too.

Final Words

We hope this article gives you relevant information on how to fix a mini drone. As can be seen, most of the solutions are relatively simple and will mostly involve the use of household objects. Having said that, use your drone in open spaces so that there are fewer chances of it crashing into objects and it lasting longer.

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