How to Build a Mini Drone: The Basic Parts

How to Build a Mini Drone The Basic Parts
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Purchasing a mini-drone can be a bit costly but if you really want to own one, building your own from scratch is a possibility. Making your own mini-drone is not going to be easy because, most of the time, it requires engineering knowledge and some research. However, it can be fun and the customizations you can do are endless. So, before you learn how to build a mini drone, this article enumerates all the parts needed in making your own.

How to Build a Mini Drone: The Different Parts

The following are the basic parts you will need in making a drone.


The number of motors you need depends on how many quads you want your mini drone to have. Therefore, if you want a drone with four quads, you will need four motors and so on.


For the frame, you will have two options. You can either buy a ready-made frame or build it yourself. However, building one yourself requires a bit of engineering knowledge. In addition, the materials you can use are either light metal, wood or plastic.


The propellers you will use need to match the frame of your mini-drone. Although wooden propellers are non-existent, you need to find fitting propellers if in case you choose to have a wood frame.

Electronic Speed Controls or ESCs

This part is the one responsible for delivering the right amount of power to your drone’s motors. Moreover, the number of ESCs you will need depends on the number of arms your drone has.


As for connectors, you will need 4.5 millimeters for the power distribution board and 3.5 millimeters to connect the ESC and motors.

Power Distribution Board

This part is the one that hooks up the ESC and the battery.


Choosing your battery’s power capacity is an essential factor. In addition, the most famous battery choice is Li-Polymer.

Battery Monitor

Although this part is not really necessary, it would be good to have a gauge so you can see if your drone is already running out of power. Losing battery power mid-air may mean a disaster for your drone.

Mounting Pad

The mounting pad helps decrease the amount of vibration that your mini-drone will make. So, the lesser the vibration, the better the flight of your drone will be.


This part is also called the transmitter or remote control which is an essential part of your mini-drone. This device will allow you to fly and control your drone in different directions.


Mini drones are remote controlled; thus, a receiver is needed because this will allow your remote to connect with your drone.


One of the main purposes of drones is for taking pictures or videos. So, choose a camera that can take quality photos and videos.

Micro SD Card

Of course, if you will be taking photos, you will need a device where you can store them. Hence, an SD card is also needed.


Besides the ones mentioned above, you will also need 3M command strips, AWG silicone wires, zip ties, a battery charger, thread-locking compounds, and Servo lead-wire cables. Moreover, as mentioned above, the possibilities for your mini-drone is infinite, so you can still add other components depending on how advanced you want your drone to be.

The Conclusion

The list we have put up above, we know, is quite long because, in reality, a tiny drone does have a lot of components. We forgot to mention that there are also kits that you can purchase which could be great if going through the trouble of shopping for parts is not your thing. However, it is more fun and fulfilling to go through the challenge of searching for parts before learning how to build a mini drone.

The truth is, making your own mini-drone is not easy, but once you have finished making one, it is going to be an achievement for you. After all, this could be the start of you making customized drones for other people as well.

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