HASAKEE H1 FPV RC Drone Review

HASAKEE H1 FPV RC Drone Review
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A drone is defined as an aerial vehicle that is unmanned. Currently, it is gaining popularity as a toy and as inspection equipment. The possibilities of using drones are endless. For instance, HASAKEE H1 FPV RC Drone is a commercially produced drone that has camera and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Legitimate drones are mainly used by the military during wars to drop bombs. A drone called the Kettering Bug was first used in 1918. However, the development of unmanned vehicles started as far back in 1898 when Nikola Tesla developed a remote-controlled boat. This paved the way for the development of other vehicles that can be controlled remotely.

Based on the research and development results of the military, commercial drones have also been developed. Nowadays, there are a lot of kinds of drones available on the market. Most of these are toys for kids, while some, especially the high-end ones, are used by hobbyists or by professionals for inspection purposes.

It must be noted that drones heavier than .55 lbs should be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This is because these kinds of drones could do more than fly for fun and do simple inspections. Drones that are crashing or getting in the way of people and other vehicles could pose greater risks than smaller drones.

The HASAKEE H1 FPV RC Drone is one of the safer drones available and is easier to use, so it does not require FAA registration.

Features of HASAKEE H1 FPV RC Drone

HASAKEE H1 FPV RC Drone is one of the drone toys that are made specifically for beginners and for children. It is lightweight, and its propellers are not at all dangerous. Aside from the fact that it comes in fun colors of yellow and black just like a bee, it is also fun to use because of its user-friendliness.

It does not require much to set up and use. The controls are simple to operate and only perform basic functions such as takeoff and land, headless control, and speed control from low to high. It also comes with an HD camera that connects to any kinds of mobile devices such as Android and iOS phones via Wifi. It can take live videos, and these could be saved in the device connected to the camera.

Another fun feature of this drone is its 360° Flip that awes viewers, both young and old.

  • This drone is perfect for kids and beginners.
  • It is lightweight and relatively safe to use, so it does not require FAA registration.
  • It comes in fun colors, just like a bee.
  • It is easy to set up and operate.
  • It only performs basic functions and has speed options.
  • This drone has HD camera that connects to mobile devices using Wifi.


This drone is a good buy mainly for the following reasons:

It is user-friendly

HASAKEE H1 FPV RC Drone is made for beginners. It does not involve a complicated setup process and does not require reading the manual a hundred times. It only performs basic functions that would minimize frustration among those who want to try it. In addition, it can only take off and land, fly in altitude mode, and in headless mode.

One of the best things about this drone is it has speed options that are very useful for beginners. They can start using the low speed so they can get a feel of the controller, then move on to middle speed once they get the hang of it, and high speed to finally have fun and enjoy flying this drone.

The camera is also simple to use and connect to a mobile device. The user just needs to download an app to his or her Android or iOS phone, and he or she can easily view what the camera is capturing. Should something go wrong, there is also very simple to follow troubleshooting instructions.

The manufacturer sells spare parts and extra batteries for the drone

Another good thing about this product is that the manufacturer sells spare parts of it, and some extra batteries should the user want to get ready for the next flight immediately after the battery being used drains out. This is what other similar products do not have.

It has an emergency landing function

The emergency landing function makes sure that should something go wrong with the flight, the drone will not stray or will not get lost or get broken from a crash. That’s why it is very important for users to know this feature before flying.

It takes decent videos for the price

For the price, this drone takes decent images and videos. Although it is primarily intended for recreational use, it has a 0.3MP HD camera that can also be used in inspecting roofs or trying to find missing stuff from an aerial point of view.


However, there are also negative considerations when deciding whether to buy this product.

The camera does not have an SD card

The only way to save the videos being captured is through the mobile phone connected to the camera. It will directly save to the folder in the app that is installed on the mobile device. This means that the user’s phone should have enough memory capacity when using this drone.

The charging time is longer than other drones

It takes about an hour to charge the battery of the drone and a fast charger with more than 1A output could not be used. The motor also needs to cool done first before charging. However, since a spare battery can be purchased, this should not be that big an issue.


This drone is fun to use and to watch. It is easy to set up and operate, there are available spare parts for it that need to be purchased separately, it has an emergency landing function, and its camera takes good quality images and videos for the price. However, it saves videos directly to the connected phone, and its charging time is longer than usual.


Compared to other drones with a camera such as Drocon’s, HASAKEE H1 FPV RC Drone is a good buy because it is more affordable than others though they have almost the same features and functionalities.

The Verdict

In terms of recreational and personal or home use, HASAKEE H1 FPV RC Drone is the best choice. It is not only enjoyable to play with, but it can also be used to inspect parts of the house that are too high to reach. Likewise, it can be used to search for missing things using a bird’s eye view.

HASAKEE H1 FPV RC Drone is a good quality camera drone for the price of a simple drone that does not have a camera or Wi-Fi capability. In addition, although it can do more than what other beginner drones cannot do, it is still considered a low-powered and relatively safe drone that does not need to be registered with FAA.

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