Drocon Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone Review

Drocon Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone Review
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During special events like Christmas and birthdays, one of the important decisions to make is what to give children who will be celebrating these events. When you ask the parents, they would often say they want anything that is functional for their kids like clothes or school materials. If it is a toy, they want something that they would really play with. One of these functional toys is Drocon Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone.

People have grown tired of those expensive toys that children only play with for a few minutes. They feel like a waste of money. Because of the shorter attention span of not just kids, but everyone in general, toys these days have become somewhat disposable. Rarely people would see a toy that children will really search for, go back to, and look forward to playing every day.

Drones are one of those toys that children really get hooked to. This is because of the challenge flying these toys provide. A drone is not simply played sitting down. It builds excitement and anticipation. Will it fly up to the ceiling? Will it get stuck in the tree? Will it make a perfect landing? It feels like playing with a new toy every time.

Flying drones is also a good exercise because children are expected to stand up to see where it has gone or to pick it up if the landing was not good. It also strengthens their social skills and playing with drones definitely provides quality bonding time with the adults in their home. Drocon Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone is the perfect gift for children during special occasions.

Drocon Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone Features

The best thing about Drocon Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone is its simplicity. It is considered a beginner drone, meaning even younger children can start exploring it with adult supervision. However, it is meant for children 14 years old and above.

The buttons are easy to operate and perform simple functions such as altitude hold, fly backward, takeoff and landing, headless mode, and lock and unlock. It also spins in position with just one button. Another great feature is that it can be folded for portability. It can even fit the pockets of children’s backpacks when folded.

Drocon Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone also has a light that allows playing with it even at night when the family wants to have a bonfire or a barbecue outside. It can be flown in three-speed options as well—low, middle, and high. It is also easy to charge and has a flying time of seven to 10 minutes if using the high-speed option.

  • Simple to use and operate
  • Perfect for kids younger than 14 years old, but with adult guidance
  • Its buttons perform simple functions to avoid frustration, especially with beginners.
  • It can be folded.
  • It has a built-in light for flying even at nighttime.
  • There are three-speed options depending on the age and ability of the “pilot.”
  • It has longer flying time as compared to other toy drones on the market.


There are lots of benefits to buying Drocon Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone. The most important ones are the following:

It is perfect for children and beginners

Drocon Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone is really made for beginners. What usually happens when someone buys a more complicated drone is that the user just becomes frustrated. When watching another person fly a drone, it looks very simple to do. People normally think that it is just like operating a remote-controlled toy car.

However, flying drones is more complicated as it does not run on a solid floor, but through the air. For first-time users, Drocon Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone is the perfect one. It does not perform anything complicated aside from spinning in place with just a click of the button. It is the simplest drone as it just performs the basic functions such as takeoff, landing, altitude hold, headless mode, and backward.

In addition, its three flying speed options allow for teaching and practicing how to fly drones step-by-step. There is always the option to use the low speed, so frustration is minimized.

It does not need to be registered with FAA

This drone is small. When folded, it can fit the pocket of a child’s backpack together with the remote control. It only weighs 0.5lb, so it does not need to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

It has two charging options

The drone itself can be charged using the USB charging cable that comes with the package, or the user can charge it using the built-in charging cable inside the controller. When the controller is powered on, this charging cable can charge the drone battery.


Nevertheless, there are also minor downsides to purchasing this drone:

It does not have a camera or Wi-Fi

As aforementioned, this is a beginner’s drone. It does not have anything complicated with it since it is meant to teach and train first-time users and children. Nevertheless, other Drocon models have these features.

The manufacturer does not sell spare parts

They do not sell spare parts of the drone. However, the package has available spare parts to replace worn out or broken parts.


Drocon Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone could be one of the best gifts that children can receive during special occasions. It is very functional, and it is the kind of toy that they will never get tired of using. Its functions are perfect for children and beginners, it is small and portable, and it is convenient to charge.

It does not have any complicated features; it does not have a built-in camera and Wi-Fi receiver, and the manufacturer does not sell spare parts. Nevertheless, it is still a decent drone.


There are a lot of beginner drones out there that could be just like this drone. However, as compared to other drones for kids available on the market, such as those of Holy Stones’, Drocon Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone is still the best choice because of it relatively easier operation. It also has faster charging time and more convenient charging as compared to other beginner drones.

The Verdict

The Drocon Scouter Foldable Mini RC Drone is the best choice not only when picking a special gift for children, but also when looking for a beginner drone if someone likes to make flying drones a hobby. It has all the basic features and does not need any complicated instructions, so it makes the first experience of a drone flying pleasant than frustrating.

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