DBPOWER N6 4K Touch Screen Action Camera Review

DBPOWER N6 4K Touch Screen Action Camera Review
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Are you looking for a budget action camera that can provide you with high-quality photos or videos? The stylish and tiny DBPOWER N6 4K touch screen action camera is one that belongs to this niche and worth taking a look—or so it says.

Although sold at a fraction of the cost of a more popular brand of action cameras, the DBPOWER N6 is one that claims to shoot in 4k Ultra High-Definition and captures images at 20MP. Let’s take a look at how well it measures up to its claims and if your active lifestyle and aesthetic requirements can find a perfect match in this stylish, tiny, and rugged sports camcorder.

Features of the DBPOWER N6 4K Touch Screen Action Camera

The DBPOWER N6 4K Touch Screen Action Camera:

  • Features a 2.31-inch Gorilla glass screen to resist scratches
  • Is fitted with a seven-layer glass lens that provides a 170° view
  • Is engineered with a Sony sensor
  • Captures images at 20 megapixels and records in 4k ultra HD at 24 frames per second
  • Can be controlled remotely via WiFi through the CamKing app within a 10-meter range
  • Has an anti-shake DSP and WDR, as well as motion detection function, for clearer picture for action shots
  • Is water-resistant and waterproof up to 30 meters
  • Supports up to 64GB of micro SD card memory
  • Measures 1.97in x 0.91in x 2.48in
  • Weighs 0.17 lbs

This action camera comes with 15 accessories that are cross-compatible with GoPro mounts, including a spare battery.


  • The camera is stylish and sturdy. The same can be said of its accessories.
  • Its built-in movement detector and image stabilizer afford you sharp pictures of objects in motion.
  • The camera says ‘start’ when you push the button to fire it up. It’s a very convenient feature, especially when you have it mounted on your head.
  • The quality of the camera’s outputs is at par, if not greater than other more expensive action cameras.
  • You can use it for both land and water activities. Just put it in its waterproof case, and you can bring it to depths of as far as 30 meters.
  • Its accessories are mostly compatible with other action camcorders.
  • It is a good sports camera at a fraction of the price of a GoPro.


  • The battery door comes completely detached from the camera when you change batteries. The same is true with the cover for the charging port of the camera. In that case, the covers are susceptible to getting lost.
  • Using the mobile app isn’t a walk in the park
  • The CamKing app is a bit selective.
  • It would be nice if it can accommodate an external mic and if there’s an external charger for the spare battery.
  • Being a touchscreen device, its settings are difficult to manipulate once inside the waterproof case. Moreover, you need to have it preset before putting it in the case. Once inside, only the on and off buttons can be accessed.


Design: The DBPOWER N6 4K touch screen action camera is more than just a pretty face. It is strong and powerful, from the materials used to the technology it is designed with. Its 2.3-inch screen is not only larger than other action cameras’ but is also made of scratch-resistant Gorilla glass.

Moreover, its lens is composed of seven layers and can provide you a 170° angle view. The camera is also equipped with an image stabilizer and a motion detection tool which make it perfect for moving objects. Images can be saved at 20 megapixels and videos captured in 4k Ultra High-Definition resolution at 24fps.

A clever feature lacking in some action cameras is its ‘start’ prompt. Thus, when it is connected to a bike or head mount, you don’t have to check if it has truly activated after you’ve pressed the start button.

Additionally, with its waterproof case, the camera can be taken to depths of 30 meters. This makes it an indispensable tool for both land and water sports activities.

Still, there are areas for improvement for this action camera in terms of design. Problem areas are the covers for the battery compartment and the charging port. It would have been better if they were not completely detachable. As it is, you need to be careful not to lose or misplace them.

Another area of improvement would be a port for an external mic so that audio recording can be significantly improved.

Performance: With the Sony sensor, seven-layer lens, built-in image stabilizer and motion detector, this action camera produces images and recordings at par with some of the more expensive ones on the market.

Price: The DBPOWER N6 4K touch screen action camera offers true value for its price. If you want something that can provide you high-quality pictures and videos without costing a fortune, this camera will not disappoint you.


An action camera within the price range of the DBPOWER N6 4K touch screen action camera is the SJCAM SJ5000x Elite action camera. Like DBPOWER N6, this camera also records in 4k Ultra High-Definition resolution at 24 frames per second; features a 170-degree wide dynamic range, and has WiFi connectivity and image stabilizer; can be taken to dives as low as 30 meters; and also comes with a horde of accessories.

And while this camera only captures images at a 12MP resolution max—8MP short of the DBPOWER N6—it is capable of shooting in low lighting conditions. Thus, if you have a few dollars to spare and willing to trade some of the features of DBPOWER N6 for SJCAM SJ5000x Elite’s strengths, this alternative may work well for you.


If you are looking for a well-performing action camera that won’t put a hole in your pocket, the DBPOWER N6 4K Touch Screen Action Camera is a phenomenal choice. It affords you high-quality photos and videos for both land and aqua sports. You can even use it as a regular camera.

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